Trump Babbles Gibberish While Calling His Language Nice And Denying Role In Spreading Hate

Trump broke down into gibberish while refusing to take any responsibility for spreading and inspiring the domestic terrorist plot to murder Democrats.

Donald Trump Has No Moral Authority

Here was the president’s exchange with reporters:

Q: Any briefs on the coast card member arrested for threatening Democrats and other members?

Trump: I’m actually getting a final briefing and a complete briefing in about two hours after this.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on this man?

Trump: I think it’s a shame. I think it’s a very sad thing when a thing like that happens. I’ve expressed that. But I’m actually getting a very complete briefing in about two hours.

Q: Do you think you bear any responsibility for monitoring your language when it comes to that?

Trump: No, I don’t. I think my language is very nice.


The president’s answer shows that beyond lacking moral authority, Donald Trump is incapable of acting and speaking like a human being. Trump does think that his hate speech and divisive rhetoric is very nice, and his disconnect from the reality of his own language and refusal to take responsibility is one of the reasons why he has been a failure as president.

Condemning White Supremacy and Domestic Terror Is A No Brainer For Any Other President

Before Trump, all modern presidents even the bad ones knew how to condemn domestic terror and hate speech. Trump can’t hold that same expected position in the eyes of the nation, because division and hate are tentpoles of his political strategy.

A normal functional person wouldn’t struggle with these questions, but asking Trump to condemn evil and wrong turns him into a gibbering mess.

Trump is responsible for the tone of the discourse in the country. The political climate starts at the top. The President Of The United States sets the tone, and the tone that Trump has established is one that has enabled and emboldened extremists to try to carry out their darkest fantasies.

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