SDNY Makes a Major Move to Prosecute the Trump Crime Family

Now that Bob Mueller has delivered his report to William Barr, the fight against Donald Trump and his criminal family and businesses will move to the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

Not coincidentally, the SDNY has just made a major new hire, bringing in one of the top lawyers in the country with experience in prosecuting mob figures and white collar criminals.

Yesterday it was announced that the new #2 attorney at SDNY is Audrey Strauss, who has had a legendary career. Many years ago she defeated Donald Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn in taking down a mafia leader. Since that time her career has been focused on aggressive white collar criminal enforcement.

Democratic Leaders Believe More Indictments Are Coming

Mueller reportedly will not issue any more indictments himself, but last night Democratic leaders in Congress made very clear that they are expecting additional indictments from other sources.

It is expected that these additional indictments — and the subsequent prosecutions — will come very soon from federal prosecutors in the SDNY.

Since the top U.S. attorney in the SDNY, Geoffrey Berman, recused himself from any investigations that have to do with Donald Trump, Audrey Strauss will now have authority over any Trump-related criminal prosecutions going forward.

She was brought in because her experience and her expertise has been in taking down organized crime families and white collar criminals. Which makes her the perfect person to lead the prosecutions against the Trump crime family and their businesses.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff seems to have confirmed this by saying last night:

“What Mueller is reporting, as best we can tell, are his conclusions on the criminal side of the house, who should be indicted and who shouldn’t be indicted, and why he reached those conclusions.”

Then Schiff added that he thinks it’s “entirely possible if not likely that there will be other indictments” forthcoming.

The Cohen Case Proves Mueller Refers Criminal Prosecutions to the SDNY

When Robert Mueller investigated Michael Cohen he determined that Cohen didn’t commit crimes central to the Trump-Russia election scandal, but he did commit other Trump-related crimes. So he then referred the case to the SDNY, which had jurisdiction over those crimes, for prosecution.

SDNY then brought the criminal case against Cohen, and now he’s going to prison.

Nobody believes that Michael Cohen is the only person in Trump’s orbit who fit this pattern. Bob Mueller’s investigation reportedly has uncovered many other crimes involving Donald Trump, his children, and his businesses. And these crimes also were not directly connected to the Trump-Russia election scandal.

Which means other SDNY indictments will likely be unsealed and delivered very soon, and they will likely involve the President of the United States, his children, and his entire criminal enterprise.

Leo Vidal

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