Trump To Hold Rallies Soon With No Social Distancing

Trump said that he plans to resume holding political rallies soon, and he will not be enforcing social distancing rules for his events.

Trump said, “I think I’m going to Arizona next week, and we look forward to that, and I’m going to, I hope to Ohio very soon, and we’re going to start to move around and hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll have some massive rallies, and people will be sitting next to each other I can’t imagine a rally where you would have every fourth seat full, every six seats are empty for everyone. That wouldn’t look too good.”

Video of Trump:

Trump doesn’t care about public safety. He wants his rallies to look good, so he is going to try to hold unsafe events where the coronavirus will be spread.
The decision on rallies isn’t up to Donald Trump. It will be up to governors of the states, who will be setting the rules on large public gatherings. There are red states like West Virginia, Alabama, Idaho, and Florida that would not mind Trump spreading the coronavirus in their state.

Health experts have warned that mass public gatherings will be one of the last things to come back online, but Trump wants his rallies, and he is willing to endanger public health to boost his self-esteem.