Trump Economic Adviser Says It’s Scary To Go To Work In The White House

Trump’s economic adviser Kevin Hassett admitted that he would be safer working from home and that it is scary to go work in the White House.

Hassett said on CBS’s Face The Nation:

I practice aggressive social distancing. I wear a mask when I feel it’s necessary. It is scary to go to work. I was not part of the White House in March. I think that I’d be a lot safer if I was sitting at home then I would be going to the West Wing. But, you know, it’s a time when people have to step up and serve their country.


We’re lucky at the White House that we have the best medical team on earth to help protect us, and that is some comfort. But I think everybody knows that going to work, you’ve been in the West Wing. You know that it is a small crowded place. You know, it’s a little bit risky. But you have to do it, because you have to serve your country and there are a lot of things you can’t do except there.


One of the reasons that the virus is spreading through the White House staff is that Trump refuses to follow coronavirus guidelines. Social distancing should be practiced everywhere. In a small space like the West Wing, it means that people who don’t have to be there, aren’t there.

Everyone should be wearing a mask.

Trump refuses to do what is necessary to keep the people working in his administration safe, so there is zero chance that he is going to what is necessary to keep the American people safe.