Rudy Giuliani Gets Called Crazy On Live British TV Interview

Rudy Giuliani went off on his Ukraine conspiracies, and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan told Trump’s lawyer that he sounded mad.

Giuliani started waving his arms and calling Morgan a disgrace while calling the interview over.

Morgan told Giuliani, “Rudy, I’m sorry, but you sound completely barking mad.” Morgan told him that he’s lost the plot, and it was sad to see.

Giuliani replied, “You sound like a big liar…You’re the one who got thrown off of television here because you had ratings that were about two, so don’t tell me I’ve lost anything. I remember what happened to your show, Piers. I remember the mistakes you made, and I remember how you sucked up, so don’t give me that stuff. I know who you are. You’re defaming my president, and you are helping to create violence in this country, the way you’re covering this.”

Morgan came back strong, “When I used to interview you, you were an intelligent reasonable man, and you’ve gone completely mad. You sound deranged. You’re abusive.”


Rudy Giuliani got called crazy during a television interview and responded by proving the interviewer correct by going totally insane.

Giuliani tried the Trump tactic of attacking the questioner and fell on his face.

If the US press would have done half of what Piers Morgan did in this interview, Donald Trump would not be president right now. The American mainstream media normalized the crazy instead of calling it out, and there is a massive lesson for every mainstream US journalist in how Piers Morgan handled the deranged Rudy Giuliani.

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