Republicans Are Rebelling Against Trump As Grassley Puts Hold On 2 Nominations


The Republican rebellion against Trump is growing as Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) placed a hold on two Trump nominations over the IG firings.

Grassley tweeted:


Grassley has had some growing issues with this White House involving nominations for a while, but the fact that he chose now to place a hold on two Trump nominees was not an accident. The holds came on the same day that Sen. Lisa Murkowski said that she was struggling with supporting Trump for reelection.
Some Republican Senators are rebelling against Trump as a self-preservation strategy. If Trump looks like he is going to lose to Joe Biden, Senate Republicans will begin preparing for life after Trump. Grassley’s complaint is an example of a Senator laying the groundwork for similar gripes and criticisms of a future Democratic president.

The overwhelming message in the present is that Trump is increasingly viewed as a weak incumbent who is increasingly likely to lose.

Senate Republicans don’t want Trump to take their majority down with him, so they are trying to create space between themselves and the President.

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