Donald Trump Committed Voter Fraud By Mail In Florida

Donald Trump voted in the Florida primary but announced this week that he really lives in New York, which means he committed voter fraud.

The Washington Post reported:

Trump, however, has sent confusing signals about his official state of residence beyond the recent change on his Florida voter-registration forms. On Monday, he declared, “I live in Manhattan,” during a call with the nation’s governors about the response to unrest related to protests over the death of an unarmed black man who had been held down by police in Minneapolis.

Afterward, prominent Democratic lawyer Marc E. Elias tweeted: “Sounds like New York may have a good claim for taxes. And Florida for voter fraud.”

Trump first tried to register to vote in Florida by listing his address as the White House, but when he was told that he couldn’t do that, he filed a second voter registration form listing his address as his private club in Florida. The problem is that when Trump bought the club he signed an agreement promising not to make it his full-time residence.
Donald Trump has been ranting for weeks about mail voting and how it is voter fraud, so it is ironic that when Trump voted by mail in a state that he doesn’t live in, the President committed the same crime that he accusing Democrats of encouraging.

It is clear that Trump changed his residence to Florida to avoid paying taxes in New York and as a 2020 election stunt that he hopes will help him carry the Sunshine State for a second time.

It turns out the person committing voter fraud with a mail-in ballot is Donald Trump.

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