Trump Campaign Pulls “Make Space Great Again” Ad After Complaints from Astronauts

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign pulled a space-themed YouTube ad amid complaints that it violated NASA guidelines and after a former astronaut complained she appeared in the ad without her consent.

The Trump campaign’s “Make Space Great Again” ad violated strict regulations for ads posted on its website, NASA said.

“As a government agency, NASA will not promote or endorse or appear to promote or endorse a commercial product, service or activity,” the agency’s site reads. “Astronauts or employees who are currently employed by NASA cannot have their names, likenesses or other personality traits displayed in any advertisements or marketing material.”

Retired astronaut Karen Nyberg also complained after being featured in the ad, which was several minutes long and included footage of astronauts who were launched into space last Saturday, without her consent.

“I find it disturbing that a video image of me and my son is being used in political propaganda without my knowledge or consent. That is wrong,” she tweeted.

The campaign officially removed the video yesterday after more than 4,000 people signed a petition that sought to “Stop Donald Trump politicizing SpaceX and NASA accomplishments.”