Maine newspaper calls on Trump to resign

Maine Newspaper Tells Trump To Resign As He Visits The State

The editors of the Portland Press-Herald welcomed Trump to the state on Maine with an editorial calling on him to resign.

The editors wrote:

President Trump: We’re sorry that you decided to come to Maine, but since you are here, could you do us a favor? Resign.

You have never been a good president, but today your shortcomings are unleashing historic levels of suffering on the American people.

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But bringing the nation together in times of distress is a big part of the job when you are head of state. You can’t do it, so you should resign.

As head of government, you have unmatched power to direct resources to relieve suffering. You can’t or won’t do that, either, so you should resign.

And in your mistreatment of lawful protesters and abuse of religious symbols, you have violated your oath to protect and defend the Constitution, so you should resign.


America needs to heal again. Please resign now, and let us begin.

Trump went to Maine to stage another pandemic response photo-op, but instead, he was met by editorials in both of the state’s biggest newspapers calling on him to resign.

The improved jobs report that was fueled by government stimulus can’t paper over the reality of the current political climate.

The election is no longer about the economy, or the pandemic, or even racism. It is about Donald Trump and his unwillingness and inability to handle any of these issues.

The multiple crises in the country have come together to form a political superstorm that has made the election all about the one issue that Republicans don’t want to discuss.

It isn’t 2016 anymore.

This election is all about Donald Trump.

Trump won’t resign, but as this editorial makes clear, this president needs to be gone.

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