Trump Refuses To Allow Democrats To Attend Russia Bounty Briefing


The White House has scheduled a briefing for House Republicans only on Russia placing a bounty on US troops.

Politico’s Jake Sherman tweeted:


The White House did say that they are working to schedule a briefing for Democrats, which is ridiculous because there is no need for separate briefings for Republicans and Democrats. Trump still hasn’t briefed the Gang of Eight as he is required to do by law.

Trump is briefing House Republicans first because he wants them to defend him. He is trying to get House Republicans in front of the cameras to say that he did nothing wrong.

The refusal to brief Democrats with Republicans is also Trump’s way of trying to punish Nancy Pelosi and show that he is still mad at her for ripping up his speech at the State Of The Union.

If Trump did nothing wrong and wasn’t briefed, there would be no reason to not have Democrats in the briefing. Trump’s refusal to brief Democrats and Republicans is a sure sign that he knew about the Russain bounty on US troops in Afghanistan and did nothing.\

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