Trump Warned Of Humiliating Defeat If He Vetoes Renaming Confederate Bases


Trump is being warned by Senate Republicans that they will override his veto if he vetoes the NDAA over renaming bases named after confederates.

The Des Moines Register reported that Sen. Chuck Grassley told Iowa reporters:

Trump has threatened to veto the spending bill if it contains the amendment.


“I would hope he wouldn’t veto it just based on that,” Grassley said of Trump.

Grassley raised the possibility that the issue of renaming bases could be considered separately from the full defense spending bill but said he believes Congress has the votes to override a presidential veto if it comes to that.

“If it came to overriding a veto, we’d probably override the veto,” he said.

Trump is campaigning on saving the relics of the racist confederacy, and he has threatened to veto the NDAA if the Senate leaves in the provision renaming military bases that currently are named after confederates within the next three years.

Senate Republicans are ready to bail on Trump’s failing presidential campaign by Labor Day if he does not turn it around, so the override of his veto of the NDAA would be the perfect first step in their political distancing from the President.

If Trump tries to pull a power play on renaming the bases, he is going to be humiliated by his own party in the United States Senate.

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