Barr Shows His True Colors By Comparing Lockdowns To Slavery

The Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, compared lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic to slavery.

CNN reported:

Addressing a Constitution Day celebration hosted by Hillsdale College, the event’s host asked Barr to explain the “constitutional hurdles for forbidding a church from meeting during Covid-19.”

The question lead Barr into a four-minute response where he said state governors were using their executive powers to stifle citizens and businesses from going back to work.

“You know, putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders, is like house arrest. Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history,” Barr said as a round of applause came from the crowd.

Barr’s position managed to both be offensive for diminishing slavery, and nonsenical as there is no civil right in society to do whatever one pleases. When conservatives start talking about the pandemic as a “civil rights” issue they are almost always confusing a civil right with a civil liberty. There is no such thing as a civil right to get the coronavirus.

William Barr is showing that he is a Trumper through and through. He is a champion of Trumpism, as he has thrown the law out the window, and gone to the furthest extreme of comparing not being able to go out of the house for a month to slavery.

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