Mitch McConnell Basically Just Told Americans Who Oppose SCOTUS Vote To Drop Dead

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear that he doesn’t care that a majority of Americans don’t want Trump’s SCOTUS pick voted on.

When asked about a majority of Americans disagreeing with his position, McConnell said, “Well, as all of us have pointed out, we have an obligation, under the constitution, should we choose to take advantage of it with a president the same party as the Senate to advance the nomination. And we will certainly do that this year. This Senate is the current Senate elected the last time in 2018 will be here until the end year. And the president will be here until January 20th.”

McConnell asked about his hypocrisy, and he was equally untroubled, “I can only repeat, we have an obligation under the constitution should we choose to take advantage of it and that’s going to happen.”


McConnell had an obligation to act in 2016 that he ignored.

Mitch McConnell’s answers are the reasons why Republicans are probably going to lose the White House and the Senate. The Republican Senate does not represent the will of the majority of the American people.

McConnell is acting like a man who knows that his party is heading for defeat, so like a thief who hears the sirens in the distance, the Senate Majority Leader is trying to steal all that he can before justice arrives.

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