Trump Claims Biden Has Lost Suburban Voters by Not Committing to a “Law and Order” Agenda


The morning after the first presidential debate of the election cycle, President Donald Trump claimed his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, has lost suburban voters by not committing to a “law and order” agenda.

Biden REFUSED to use the term, LAW & ORDER! There go the Suburbs,” the president wrote on Twitter.


“You can’t even say the word ‘law enforcement,’ because if you say those words, you’re going to lose all of your radical left supporters,” Trump said last night.  “And why aren’t you saying those words, Joe?”

“He’s talking about defunding the police,” Trump continued. “He doesn’t have any law support. He has no law enforcement support… We believe in law and order. But you don’t. The top 10 cities … are run by Democrats, and [in] many cases, the radical left. And they’ve got you wrapped around your finger, Joe.”

To this, Biden responded: “Yes, I’m in favor of law and order. Law and order with justice, where people get treated fairly.”

Trump’s remark on suburban voters comes as he faces criticism for his refusal to condemn white supremacy, stirring controversy after he told the white nationalist group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

“Proud Boys? Stand back and stand by,” said Trump.  “But I’ll tell you what, somebody’s gotta do something about antifa and the left, because this is not a right-wing problem; this is a left-wing problem.”

The president also declined to discourage his supporters from having a “violent response” to the election, according to Washington Post reporter Philip Bump.

Trump “has whipped up an elaborate and thoroughly false description of how the election is unfolding that is being treated as a sincere assessment of a real threat by a large group of people. He had the chance Tuesday to lower the temperature. Instead, he pulled out a blowtorch,” Bump observes.