Trump Pays For Wisconsin Recount Targeting African-Americans

Trump only paid for a recount in two Wisconsin counties that both feature large African-American populations that voted for Joe Biden.

The AP reported:

In the two counties Trump chose for the recount, Democrat Joe Biden received 577,455 votes compared with 213,157 for Trump. Biden won statewide by 20,608 votes, based on canvassed results submitted by the counties.

Milwaukee County is the state’s largest, home to the city of Milwaukee, and Black people make up about 27% of the population, more than any other county. Dane County is home to the liberal capital city of Madison and the flagship University of Wisconsin campus.

If the Trump campaign believed that they won Wisconsin, they would pay for a statewide recount. Trump has been raising money to challenge the election for weeks, so he should be able to easily afford a statewide recount. The money that Trump is raising isn’t going to an actual legal fund. It is going to his super PAC and the RNC.
The Wisconsin recount is a racist ploy intended to advance the myth that Democrats, specifically African-Americans cheated and stole the election from him.

Trump‘s history of racist cons while not in office is famously exemplified by the Obama birther conspiracy.

The recount isn’t going to change the results in Wisconsin, but it is part of Trump‘s plan to divide America without the presidency.

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