Trump Accuses William Barr And The FBI Of Election Fraud


On Sunday, Trump claimed that Attorney General William Barr and the FBI engaged in election fraud for Biden.



Trump said:

The mail-in ballots are a disaster. They sent millions and millions and millions of mail-in ballots, I’m sure you know people that got two, three, or four, because I do, where they said you know, we got four ballots, they got one at the country home, dead people were seeing ballots but even worse, dead people were applying to get a ballot. They were making application to get ballots, many. And you know we’re not talking about 10 people, there are a lot of dead people that so-called voted in this election, but dead people were, in some cases, in many many cases, thousands of cases, voted but also, dead people made application to vote. They were dead 10 years, 15 years and they actually made application.

This is total fraud, and how the FBI and department of justice, I don’t know, maybe they’ve involved but how people are allowed to get away with this stuff is unbelievable. This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud, and it continues to be as they hide and the problem we have we go to judges, and people don’t want to get involved. The media doesn’t even want to cover it. I mean you’re doing something you’re actually very brave because you’re doing something the media doesn’t want to talk about it.

Now the FBI and Trump’s hand-picked attorney general was in on rigging the election for Joe Biden. Part of Trump’s anger at Barr is based on the attorney general’s refusal to indict former Obama administration officials and investigate Obama and Biden before the election.

Donald Trump never had a single day as president with an approval rating of 50% or more. It is common sense that one of the most unpopular presidents in the history of polling lost his bid for reelection.

Trump can spin conspiracies and blame the government, but he lost, and no conspiracy can undo a historically humiliating defeat for Donald Trump.

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