Blue Wave Builds To Sweep Out Mitch McConnell As 1 Million Georgians Request Mail Ballots


Democrats seem to be on the march in Georgia as 1 million mail ballots have already been requested for the Senate runoff elections.

Almost 5 times more mail ballots have been requested for the Senate runoff than were requested for the entire 2016 general election (241,519).

Stacey Abrams tweeted:


Republican officials who know Georgia are already sounding the alarm that the Senate runoffs are looking a lot like the presidential election. Just like how he attacked mail voting, Trump and his allies are now telling Republicans not to vote in Georgia because the elections are “rigged.”

Stacey Abrams has built an incredibly strong get out the vote operation in Georgia, and it appears to be paying dividends again. Polling shows that both of the Democratic candidates have small leads and that the Senate elections look like they will be close, so the more mail ballots that Abrams piles up, the more likely it is that Democrats will win the seats that they need to take control of the Senate.

Georgia was pivotal in making Joe Biden the next president, and for their next act, they could make Mitch McConnell an ex-Majority Leader.

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