Sen. Ron Johnson Calls The Election Legit, But Still Plans Investigate Imaginary Election Fraud

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) called the presidential election legitimate and acknowledged that Biden won, but he is still going to hold hearings into imaginary election fraud.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on their interview with Johnson:

All I’m trying to do is hold a very upfront, straightforward hearing talking about what controls there are in place, what fraud does occur, what can we do to prevent fraud in the future,” said Johnson in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Johnson contended there are unanswered questions about the election process.

But asked if he regarded the election as “legitimate,” he said, “Yes. I haven’t seen anything that would convince me that the results — the overall national result — would be overturned.”

Senate Republicans are going to investigate an election that they consider legitimate and are not doubting the result of because they don’t like the fact that so many people got to vote. If the election was legitimate, there is no reason for hearings or an investigation, unless the point of the hearing is to keep the elections are rigged fires burning because for some bizarre reason Republicans believe that a strategy that didn’t work for Trump will turn out differently for them.

The message that Sen. Johnson is sending by holding his hearing is that the Republican attack on democracy is not going to stop.

Maybe losing the Senate runoffs in Georgia would convince Republicans that their strategy of discouraging their supporters from voting is a bad one, but until they figure it out, be prepared for nonsensical election fraud hearings about an uncontested election result.

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