Seditious Ted Cruz And 10 GOP Senators Launch A Coup To Overturn The Election

Ted Cruz and ten other Republican Senators have announced that they will object to the election results because they want to overturn the election.

The Senators and Senators-elect announced:

The effort by Cruz and other Senators is a bid to overturn the election. It is a coup attempt, and it should not be referred to as anything else.

Ted Cruz is not leading this sham coup attempt because he wants to keep Trump in office. Saturday’s statement should be viewed as the launch of Sen. Cruz’s 2024 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) are both going to run for president, and they are using the destruction of democracy as the platform to launch their campaigns.

The 10-day audit will never happen. Neither will the special legislative session. The tell is that the Senators are saying that they will certify the vote if these conditions are agreed to, but once the vote is certified, the election is over, so anything that happens after that point is irrelevant.

Republicans are now the anti-democracy party, and Ted Cruz is trying to get to the White House by trashing the Constitution.

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