Paul Ryan Calls Congressional Republican Coup Attempt Anti-Democratic

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan blasted congressional Republicans who are participating in a coup to try to overturn the election as anti-democratic.

Ryan’s statement:

Ryan is correct. Given the revelations that have been made public in Trump‘s recorded phone call with Georgia Republicans, it is clear that Republicans aligned with Trump are trying to use their power to stage a coup and overturn the election results.

The Cruz coup plotters requested that a ten-day audit be performed in all five swing states that Joe Biden won at the same that Trump was pressuring state Republicans in Georgia to find votes for him. These individual activities are all parts of a bigger plot to overturn the election.

Trump is trying to get states to commit election fraud for him, while the Senate coup plotters have proposed a mechanism that would allow states to overturn the results.

A substantial segment of the Republican Party has launched an assault that is designed to destroy democracy in the United States, and any member of Congress that takes part in this effort is engaging in the most seditious effort against their own country since the Civil War.

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