Trump Is Upset Because His Rioters Looked Low Class On TV

Trump complained to the White House staff that the people that he incited to riot looked low class on TV.

New York Magazine reported, “This adviser, who spoke to Trump on Wednesday amid the siege, said Trump watched the events on television intently. CNN reported that he was so excited by the action, it “freaked out” some staffers around him. The adviser told me that Trump expressed disgust on aesthetic grounds over how “low class” his supporters looked. “He doesn’t like low class things,” the adviser said.”

The thing that upset Trump the most wasn’t that the Capitol was being attacked or that there was a potential coup attempt in the nation that he took an oath to protect. What jumped out at Trump as he watched an armed insurrection was that the people trying to overturn the government in his name looked low class.

Trump wanted a better-looking group of seditious coup plotters.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about the destruction of democracy, in fact, he favors it. The only thing that truly disgusted him was that his supporters didn’t look good on television.

Even as the nation was under attack, the only thing Trump cared about was how the coup made him look.

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