US Allies Think That Trump Planned And Attempted A Coup

European allies of the US believe that the Capitol riot was not spontaneous and that Trump attempted a coup with help from some inside law enforcement.

Business Insider reported the suspicion of European allies:

America‘s international military and security allies are now willing to give serious credence to the idea that Trump deliberately tried to violently overturn an election and that some federal law-enforcement agents — by omission or otherwise — facilitated the attempt.

‘Today I am briefing my government that we believe with a reasonable level of certainty that Donald Trump attempted a coup’

The allies laid out the events of Wednesday and said that if it happened in any other country, it would be labeled an attempted coup. The aspect that is raising international suspicion is that somebody from within the government had to give the order to block or limit the deployment of additional law enforcement resources to put down the coup.

The allies also believe that Trump and his supporters had help from inside law enforcement.

PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones asked the vital question:

It is fairly certain that Trump or his loyalists installed at the DOD blocked and limited the National Guard from providing immediate help as the Capitol Police were being overrun.

This is why Trump can’t go unpunished. The world is watching, and right now, some of them think that Donald Trump tried to overthrow the government.

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