Biden Tells Republicans In Congress To Grow Up And Mask Up

President-Elect Biden told Republicans in Congress that it is time to grow up and wear a mask as their patriotic duty.


Bideo said:

Quite frankly, it was shocking to see members of the Congress while the Capitol was under siege by a deadly mob of thugs refused to wear a mask while they’re in secure locations. I’m so proud of my congressman right here in the state of Delaware, Lisa Blunt Rochester, trying to hand out masks while people were lying on the floor, huddled up, and the Republican colleagues refusing to put them on. What the hell is the matter with them? It’s time to grow up.

The result? At least four members of Congress to date, including a cancer survivor, now have covid-19 who were in those rooms. For god’s sake, wear a mask if not for yourself, for your loved ones, for your country. These are real matters of life and death. We need you to stick with hand washing, social distancing, and avoid indoor gatherings with people outside your own household.

It is comforting to once again hear the person who will soon be president sounding like an adult. Biden didn’t duck responsibility, blame others, or complain. He is setting a good example at the top, and that is what a president is supposed to be doing for his/her country.

Republicans are in for quite a culture shock, and they don’t want to put their country first, they should be prepared to be called out by the President Of The United States.

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