House Republicans Labeled A Danger To The Country And Could Face Expulsion If They Aided Capitol Attack

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) said that some House Republicans could be facing expulsion if they played a role in the Capitol attack.


Rep. Jason Crow said on MSNBC, “I’m one of the members who is leading the oversight of a Government Accountability Office investigation that we’re hoping to kick off here very soon. But all of the events leading up to the 6th and some of the security failures and breakdowns as we’re obligated to do, so we’ll gather the facts and apply the facts to the remedies. Whether it’s censure or expulsion, but the first step has to be to gather the facts.”

Crow added, “There, are a handful of those members frankly who are just so depraved, so morally bankrupt at this point that they are dangerous people. So we have to look at applying the facts to what happened and what the remedies are. And then we’ll see where we need to go.”
Speaker Pelosi is calling for any member of Congress to be criminally prosecuted who aided and abetted the attack.

Rep. Crow laid it out well. There will be a full investigation of the Republican members of Congress and their activities and behaviors before the attack. Since the insurrectionists knew where to go when they got into the Capitol, it is a safe guess that they had inside help. With so many people charged, and all of the Parler data available to law enforcement, if any House Republicans were involved, there is likely to be enough evidence for criminal charges and expulsion.

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