Trump And The My Pillow Guy Plot To Use The Capitol Attack To Declare Martial Law

Trump spent his final Friday in the White House plotting to overthrow the government by invoking martial law with My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Lindell was showing off his notes about his coup plot to reporters before he went into the White House:

It appears that the big plan that was so epic that it required an Oval Office meeting was to use the attack on the Capitol that Trump incited to declare martial law:

As you can see, Lindell showed up with a full plan of who to fire and replace so that Trump could declare martial law.

A declaration of martial law is the one thing that Trump could do that would get Mitch McConnell to bring the Senate back into session early and remove Trump from office.

Even by Trump’s standards, it is amazing that he would consider using the attack that got him impeached for a second time as a tool to stay in power.

Anyone who buys any My Pillow products is supporting the overthrow of democracy in the United States. The domestic enemies of democracy are showing their faces, and it is time for the nation to get rid of them all.

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