Joe Biden To Create 1 Million Auto Jobs With Climate Change Executive Order

President Biden said that his climate change executive order will help to create 1 million new jobs in the automobile industry.


Biden said while speaking about his climate change executive order, “Today’s executive order combined with the buy American executive order I signed on Monday, we are going to harness the purchasing power of the federal government to buy clean zero mission vehicles that are made and sourced by union workers right here in America. With everything I just mentioned, this will mean 1 million new jobs in the American automobile industry. We will do another thing. We will take steps toward my goal of achieving 100% carbon pollution-free electric sector by 2035. That will transform the American electric sector to produce power without carbon pollution. It will be a tremendous spur of job creation and economic competitiveness in the 21st century. Not to mention, the benefits to our health and environment.”

Donald Trump spent his presidency obsessed with low flow toilets and light bulbs, while Joe Biden has been in office for a week and taken action that will create 1 million new American jobs in the automobile industry.

For President Biden, build back better wasn’t a slogan. It was a plan. Biden is making real changes to help the American people every single day. He is acting with an urgency that hasn’t been seen since Obama inherited the Great Recession, and FDR took office during the Great Depression.

Biden isn’t wasting time, and he is improving lives with each action.

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