Congresswomen To Introduce Resolution Calling For The Censure And Resignation Of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Democratic congresswomen Nikema Williams (GA) and Sara Jacobs (CA) will introduce a resolution to censure Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and call for her resignation.

Rep. Williams said, “Congresswoman Greene’s comments and actions are dangerous, unpatriotic, and a clear threat to every Member of Congress. It would be irresponsible for us to allow her to use the ‘People’s House’ as a platform to peddle discredited conspiracy theories that only fan the flames of hatred and violence. This is the same rhetoric that provoked the lawlessness we saw during the January 6th Domestic Terrorist attack. We must do everything we can to prevent similar events from occurring ever again. Congresswoman Greene should resign immediately to allow someone to fill her seat who believes in upholding the Constitution and the mission of this legislative body to serve all people, not harm them.”

Essentially, Rep. Greene is a domestic terrorist who was elected to the US House.

Rep. Jacobs said that the Capitol is unsafe as long as Greene is there, “We saw on January 6th what can happen when elected leaders use their positions of public trust to encourage and incite violence. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has repeatedly demonstrated her support for the execution of leaders of the Democratic Party, and her presence in Congress is a threat to our democracy, our institutions, and the safety of every person who works in the Capitol. As someone with experience working in post-conflict settings, I know that it is imperative that we act swiftly to hold her accountable, and I am proud to introduce this resolution with Congresswoman Williams.”

Taylor Greene is not going to resign, and there is no signal from House Republicans that they intend to do anything to hold her accountable. At least four members have Congress have expressed safety concerns related to Taylor Greene.

It will likely take criminal charges to get her out of the House because Republicans are fine with having a domestic terrorist in their caucus.

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