Democrats Didn’t Cave On Witnesses As They Got The Only Witness They Requested

House impeachment managers only wanted testimony from one witness, which they got in the Senate deal.

The howls from concerned people from the left are that Democrats caved on witnesses, but this isn’t true:

Lawyers and legal experts are saying that Democrats didn’t cave. The House impeachment trial managers sought the testimony of one witness, Rep. Herrera-Beutler, and that is exactly what they got in the deal.

Democrats didn’t want a long trial, but the idea that they caved to Republicans is simply not true. If the House impeachment managers had wanted to call witnesses and testimony in the Senate, Democrats would have made that happen.

If Democrats didn’t win two Senate seats in Georgia, Mitch McConnell would have held a sham trial, and the vote would have already been done.

Trump’s second impeachment trial has been both informative and damning, and none of that would have happened without the Democratic majority.

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Democrats only wanted one impeachment witness
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