Frank Figliuzzi: We Haven’t Heard From Capitol Police Because Their Story is Too Painful

On January 6th of this year, a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol and overwhelmed the police who protect the building. Despite the fact that many carried police supporting flags, the insurrectionists were more than happy to attack officers that got in their way.

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Officer Brian Sicknick died that day. Following the attacks, two more Capitol police officers have committed suicide. But still, there has been little word about the incident from the body.

Nicolle Wallace discussed the silence with former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi on Wednesday. She asked, “We heard the House impeachment managers tell the most detailed version of their story that day, but we still have not heard from Capitol Police?”

Figliuzzi responded, “There’s an overriding historical reason why people don’t tell their story. Our institutions choose not to tell their story. It’s because even they don’t like their story. I’m concerned that we’re not hearing from these agencies because the truth is too painful even for them, and I think it’s going to be the independent commission that finally gets to the bottom of this, if we can even assemble an effective commission.”

The former FBI official continued:

“There’s a reason why we aren’t getting regular press conferences, why we aren’t seeing lengthy testimony as is scheduled, hopefully, for next week as we start to hear the story. But the reason why they’re not voluntarily coming forward, Nicolle — I fear the story is ugly, even for them.”

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