Trump Army Leadership Blocked National Guard Deployment During Capitol Attack

Major Gen. William Walker, the Commanding General of the DC National Guard, testified that it was Trump Army leadership who blocked the deployment of the National Guard.



Walker testified:

The Army senior leaders did not think that it looked good, it would be a good optic. They further stated that it could incite the crowd.

During the phone call with the District of Columbia National — the District of Columbia leaders, the Deputy Mayor, Chief Sund, Dr. Rodriguez, who was talking about optics, were General Flynn and General Piatt. They both said it wouldn’t be in their best military advice to advise the Secretary of the Army to have uniformed guards members at the Capitol during the election confirmation.

The Army has a whole lot of explaining to do to justify how they were used against Black Lives Matter protesters but blocked the National Guard from being deployed for hours during the attack on the Capitol.

The problem with DC not being a state is that the security of the seat of the federal government is at the mercy of political leaders. The National Guard should have been immediately deployed. The Capitol Police and leaders in Congress were requesting assistance, but they were ignored and it appears actively blocked by Trump.

The story of the Capitol attack is not going away, and as more details are revealed, it paints a criminal picture of Trump and many members of his administration and party.

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