Right Wing Criticized for Promoting Conspiracy Theory About Biden After #DementiaJoe Starts to Trend Online

#DementiaJoe is the latest hashtag attacking President Joe Biden, promoted by individuals who continue make assumptions and promote conspiracies about his mental health.

The hashtag began to trend after President Biden signed a $1.9 trillion stimulus package, injecting sorely needed aid into a country battered by the financial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some suggested critics should return the $1,400 stimulus checks that many Americans will be receiving.

Others pointed out that Fox News, which has been highly critical of Joe Biden since he announced his intention to run against former President Donald Trump, has an audience of senior citizens, who are most likely to die should they become infected with Covid-19.

Meanwhile, others pointed out Trump’s missteps.

Trump has often accused Biden of being in mental decline, referring to him as “Sleepy Joe” as recently as this morning, when he claimed (wrongly) that the Republican National Convention (RNC) received more viewers than the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Questions about Biden’s mental health have dogged him in the wake of several high profile verbal flubs, including when he claimed that the United States has seen 150 million gun deaths since 2007. (The Biden campaign later said Biden misspoke and meant to mention “150,000 people killed in firearm homicides since then.”) Biden has been open about these flubs, attributing them to his stutter.