Rep. Jim Clyburn Unloads On Sen. Joe Manchin For Opposition To Voting Rights Bill

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) calls Sen. Joe Manchin’s D-WV) position on voting rights bills insulting and a bunch of crap.

Rep. Clyburn told HuffPost:

“Since when do their rights take precedence over your fellow Democrat Warnock, who saw his state just pass laws to keep him from getting reelected?” he asked. “And you’re going to say it’s more important for you to protect 50 Republicans in the Senate than for you to protect your fellow Democrat’s seat in Georgia. That’s a bunch of crap.”


“I’m insulted when he tells me that it’s more important to maintain a relationship with the minority in the U.S. Senate than it is for you to maintain a relationship with the minority of voters in America,” Clyburn said in an interview. “That’s insulting to me.”

Rep. Clyburn is correct. Manchin is choosing to oppose voting rights and democracy for all in the name of a fantasy realm of bipartisanship in the Senate that hasn’t existed for generations. One suspects that Joe Manchin’s position has less to do with bipartisanship and is more related to him maintaining his seat in increasingly dark red West Virginia.

Jim Clyburn is bluntly putting the choice out there.

Republicans are never going to vote for protecting and expanding voting rights. The party’s stated mission is to make it more difficult for non-Republicans to vote. Manchin is choosing to side with Republicans and Democrats need more people like Rep. Clyburn to turn up the heat on him by telling it like it is.

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