WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Finds McConnell’s Threat to Corporations Hilarious

After 5 years plus of pulling the senate strings, Mitch McConnell is not enjoying his time as the Senate Minority Leader. Once Democrats took control, McConnell threatened to regularly hold up bills using the filibuster. But the Senate Parliamentarian has largely taken care of that.

McConnell has decided that the easiest way to get back in control is to pass restrictive voting laws. But a number of corporations have spoken out against the legislation, specifically Georgia’s new restrictions. McConnell recently warned those companies and Nicolle Wallace found his threats hilarious.

The Kentucky lawmaker said on Tuesday, “My advice to the corporate CEOs of America is to stay out of politics. Don’t pick sides in these big fights.”

Wallace tackled those comments on tonight’s show. She began:

“McConnell put out a statement saying that companies, ‘will invite serious consequences,’ whoo! ‘If they continue to speak out’. He followed that up today by calling corporations responding to Georgia’s law, ‘Stupid because,’ ‘Republicans drink Coca-Cola, too and we fly and we like baseball.’ There is such an irony, though, to the GOP war on corporations. Of course, no one has fought harder for corporate dollars to have more power in American politics than, wait for it, Mitch McConnell.”

The MSNBC host continued, “Now Republicans are so mad at corporations for believing Mitch McConnell in that speech I showed you or Bill Barr or Chris Krebs or any of the Georgia Republicans who attested time and time again to the lack of fraud in the November election, that they’re sputtering schoolyard taunts.”

McConnell’s desperation is becoming increasingly clear. The Kentucky lawmaker spent his time in control lording his power over Democrats. Now that the ball is in the Democrats court, McConnell has little left but taunts and empty threats.