Ron Johnson's sham COVID Hearing

Ron Johnson Admits That He Didn’t Think Wisconsin Voters Should Have Been Given Stimulus Checks

Ron Johnson is not the most respected member of the United States Senate. In fact, he may be one of the least regarded. Joe Scarborough often refers to the Wisconsin lawmaker as America’s dumbest senator.

Still, Johnson maintains a fair amount of power as one of the country’s 100 senators. And he isn’t afraid to yield it. The GOP lawmaker attempted to delay stimulus checks from getting in American pockets. He said at the time:

“I will make them read their 600- to 700-page bill. So that every member of the Senate would have time to read it … before we start the debate on it. This isn’t a COVID relief really, this is a Democrat wish list, setting things up for a more socialist society. And it needs to be resisted. And I’m going to lead the effort to resistance, starting today.”

Johnson doubled down on his criticism of the COVID relief package during a recent appearance on WCLO Radio. According to the Republican, “I get criticized brutally for wanting to stand in the way of getting checks to everybody.”

The Wisconsin senator then complained that the checks were sent out to people, “who didn’t even need them.” This was a big talking point for Republicans who opposed the package. Eventually the stimulus was capped out so that no one who made more than $75,000 would receive one.

The stimulus has already had a significant affect on the economy. Economists are predicting that there will be a sustainable boom in the 2nd quarter of 2021 that could be sustainable.

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