WATCH: Jen Psaki Has a Clever Response For a Reporter Who Asked About Unity

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:51 pm

Back when Republicans were in control, they showed very little interest in working with Democrats. The GOP used it’s control to push through a ridiculous tax cut along with 3 Supreme Court Justices.

Since the Democrats have been in charge, however, Republicans have constantly whined about not being involved in the legislative process. While Democrats have been willing to hold meetings, they have a mandate from the American people and little reason to compromise.

During Monday’s presser, the Christian Broadcast Network’s David Brody hit on this Republican talking point. He asked, “I guess the question is, [President Biden] has not met with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, according to Kevin McCarthy. What does that say about unity?”

The CBN reporter continued, “And there’s a lot of other lists as well, budget reconciliation, so there’s a lot of folks who talk about tens of millions of people, they’re concerned about that this doesn’t seem like unity at all.”

A bemused Jen Psaki responded, “Do you think tens of millions of people are concerned about him not meeting with Kevin McCarthy?”

After some back and forth, Psaki continued, “I will say that the President’s view is that bringing the country together is bringing the American people together. So when I say he’s, he is focused on bringing you know, bringing people together, bringing Democrats or Republicans together, he’s not talking about solving bipartisanship in ‘this zip code here.”

Watch a clip of the exchange below:

Todd Neikirk

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