Patriot President Biden Thanks The Troops On 10th Anniversary Of Bin Laden Raid

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:28 pm

President Joe Biden thanked the troops and explained how the Bin Laden raid laid the groundwork for the end of the war in Afghanistan.

President Biden said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Ten years ago, I joined President Obama and members of our national security team, crowded into the Situation Room to watch as our military delivered long-awaited justice to Osama bin Laden. It is a moment I will never forget—the intelligence professionals who had painstakingly tracked him down; the clarity and conviction of President Obama in making the call; the courage and skill of our team on the ground. It had been almost ten years since our nation was attacked on 9/11 and we went to war in Afghanistan, pursuing al Qaeda and its leaders. We followed bin Laden to the gates of hell—and we got him. We kept the promise to all those who lost loved ones on 9/11: that we would never forget those we had lost, and that the United States will never waver in our commitment to prevent another attack on our homeland and to keep the American people safe.

Now, as a result of those efforts, as we bring to an end America’s longest war and draw down the last of our troops from Afghanistan, al Qaeda is greatly degraded there. But the United States will remain vigilant about the threat from terrorist groups that have metastasized around the world. We will continue to monitor and disrupt any threat to us that emerges from Afghanistan. And we will work to counter terrorist threats to our homeland and our interests in cooperation with allies and partners around the world.

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I want to give my enduring thanks to the service members who executed the raid at great personal risk and the public servants across our government who made our mission a success ten years ago. We will continue to honor all the brave women and men, our military, our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals, and so many others, who continue their extraordinary work to keep the American people safe today. They give their best to our country, and we owe them an incredible debt of gratitude.

After four years of the previous administration pretending like the Biden Laden raid didn’t happen, and Trump’s relatively pathetic attempts at mimicking the Bin Laden raid, it is nice to see a president who not only appreciates the troops but places their efforts into a context that relates to current policy.

It has been ten years since Obama got Osama, and because of it, America has no reason to remain in Afghanistan.

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