CNN’s Jim Acosta Just Called Trump A Sad Old Elvis

CNN’s Jim Acosta called Trump a sad old Elvis who is like an animatronic character at Disney’s Hall of Discredited Presidents.


Acosta said on his CNN show, “et’s take a look at new video that has emerged from president trump, addressing a crowd at Mar-a-Lago, once again spreading election lies, like the sad old Elvis act he has been doing lately…..this is like watching the hall of discredited presidents at Disney World. It’s like he’s an animatronic character, spewing out this stuff all over again like he has a string you pull behind him and replace the batteries when they’re low inside.”


Jim Acosta told the truth all through the Trump administration, even when his DC colleagues crumbled to the White House pressure and lapsed into fierce bouts of bothsidesism. Jim Acosta always told the American people the truth, and for his hard work, he has been rewarded with his own show.

Trump is the one-hit-wonder who is playing the county fair circuit and trying to relive a moment of his golden days in front of tens of people half of whom are only trying to find the food truck.

Jim Acosta is still not holding back and delivering the truth to the American people.

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