CNN reporter Manu Raju challenges Kevin McCarthy over House Republicans' inability to govern

CNN Reporter Corrects Kevin McCarthy’s Attempt to Blame Democrats for GOP Dysfunction

Last updated on October 15th, 2023 at 06:20 pm

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CNN reporter Manu Raju didn’t allow Rep. Kevin McCarthy to blame Democrats for Republican dysfunction. In fact, Raju corrected McCarthy, telling him, “That you guys can’t govern.”


Raju: What does this do to your swing district Republicans?

McCarthy: That all the Democrats voted to try to bring chaos?

Raju: That you guys can’t govern.

As the clip goes on, McCarthy tries it again and Raju points out that Republicans can’t even pass aid to Israel.

This is reality, and this is how the media should be handling Republican attempts to deflect blame for their own dysfunction.

For far too long, the media has chosen to blame Democrats for the actions of Republicans, as if Democrats are being paid to run some kind of Congressional nursery school instead of being paid to do the work of The People.

Here’s David Gregory doing that old school style of journalism where everything is the fault of Democrats:

“How long are Democrats going to stand by in the world of identity politics, and zero-sum politics, and not be part of any solution?”

Democrats are not in charge, which is why they can’t control the House to put it in order. Democrats just saved Republicans on the government funding cliff that the GOP drove the House to for no reason. But Democrats are not in Congress to save Kevin McCarthy or the Republican caucus from themselves.

David Gregory was doing that old DC knee jerk of blaming Democrats for Republicans, but his criticism is empty and pathetic, because Democrats JUST saved Republicans a week plus ago. Democrats aren’t playing a zero sum game.

The people playing the zero sum game are in the Republican Party, which is trying to impeach President Biden over fiction and still denies that January 6th was a terrorist attack as Director Wray said it was and many of whom still claim Trump won the 2020 election.

The American public is sick and tired of the “both sides” “he said she said” style of reporting that got us where we are today, and does much to enable those willing to exploit it and those who face no consequences within their own caucus and back home for lying. By and large, those people are in the Republican Party.

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