Trump Terrorist Claims Fox News Brainwashed Him Into Attacking Capitol

Trump terrorist Anthony Antonio is blaming his actions during the attack on the Capitol on watching Fox News for six months.

Ryan J. Reilly tweeted:

Defendants in Capitol attack cases have also blamed Trump and claimed that they didn’t understand why they were in trouble because they did not believe they had done anything wrong.

Even though there is evidence that both Trump and Fox News incited the attack, at the end of the day, those who participated in the attack are responsible for their own actions.

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The claims by Mr. Antonio do raise an interesting question about the legal liability that Fox News might have for their role in the attack on the Capitol. For years, Fox has been using a legal defense that no reasonable person should take their primetime hosts seriously because their programs aren’t news, but there are millions of people who do take Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham seriously because these hosts present their disinformation like news.

At some point, one of these defendants will come after Fox, and that could be a moment of truth for the claim that Fox is a news network.