WATCH: Fox Contributor Makes a Weird and Gross Comment About the Media’s Treatment of Jen Psaki

Last updated on May 8th, 2021 at 09:48 am

During a recent podcast appearance, Jen Psaki said that she would be leaving her position sometime next year. Liberal Twitter was aghast at the news as Psaki has become somewhat of a cult hero thanks to her frequent viral moments.

And according the hosts of Fox News The Five, the media will also be very upset about the Press Secretary leaving her post. The panelists took turns whining about Psaki being treated differently than her predecessors.

Jesse Watters began by saying, “Still not a believer in liberal media bias? Take a listen to this, the press is now openly rooting for Jen Psaki. White House reporters gushing over the press secretary in a magazine feature saying things like she takes questions from everybody, she doesn’t get rattled, she doesn’t lose her cool.”

Former Bush press secretary Dana Perino jumped in to say that Republican secretaries are better than their Liberal counterparts because they have to work harder.

Dagen McDowell then made it totally weird, “After all that gushing and fawning from those reporters, what do we get to see next? Them cleaning out her refrigerator for her? Or maybe waxing her legs in public. That’s next. They’re going to have to change their job titles to “professional footstool.”

The lone Liberal, Juan Williams, jumped in to say, “I don’t know where to go with that one. But I think I’ll just move us away from this.”

The performance from Psaki has been night and day from that of Trump‘s secretaries. And the media is clearly happy to be working with someone stern and professional unlike the GOP press secretaries who we rude and combative.

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