Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump Steal $140,000 For Travel From Taxpayers During Biden’s First Month

Trump’s adult kids are still bilking the taxpayers as they spent $140,000 on travel and hotels during the first month of the Biden presidency.


Trump’s adult children have cost taxpayers a lot of money over the years, but this time, it’s different. CREW got records from the Secret Service that show that in just the thirty days after Donald Trump left the presidency, his childrens’ travel cost taxpayers more than $140,000. That figure, however, does not include charges at Trump properties in Bedminster, Palm Beach, and Briarcliff, New York, which would likely bring the actual total much higher.

The reason these charges are different is that they all occurred after Joe Biden’s inauguration, and, ordinarily, a former president’s children are no longer entitled to Secret Service protection. Donald Trump took the unusual step of extending the protection for his family members and three top appointees by six months, giving them that much more time to funnel money to his own properties.

CREW also pointed out that the Trumps spent twelve times more than the Obamas on travel, so Trump’s additional six months of “protection” for his kids were likely to be very expensive for taxpayers.

It would not be surprising if the Trump kids ended up costing the taxpayers an additional million dollars in associated travel and hotel costs.

The Trump grift didn’t stop when the former president was given the boot.

President Biden could cut off the protection, but doing so would come at substantial risk. If anything happened to the Trump kids over the next few months, it would be a crisis of the Biden administration’s own making.

The shakedown ends in about 6 weeks, and you can be certain that President Biden will not extend it for a second longer.