Adam Kinzinger Exposes Kevin McCarthy’s Rigged Vote To Boot Liz Cheney


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) told the world how Kevin McCarthy held a sham voice vote to boot Liz Cheney from House GOP leadership.


Kinzinger said when asked if Cheney had much support in the caucus:


I think there were a lot but we ended up going by voice vote. The ironic thing is that it was to show unity. At that point is not worth the fight. The leaders made his decision that’s fine, and we will have to hold them to whatever that is. There were no speeches, really. It was just Kevin standing up and then the vote was taken. It was definitely not what I expected. Basically, it’s time to move on from her. He said we have to be unified and continue this unity theme.

I’m all for unity. I’m all for unity and truth. Truth cannot coexist with lies. You cannot coexist with falsehoods. You can’t unify the and I think that’s what Liz has been same. Thank you, everybody. It was a sad day. In terms of anybody going forward, I will take that decision. I think anybody that was sniffing around for this job before Liz about. That’s a great day. I will vote for somebody who will tell the truth. Your job is and just to make it comfortable for the rank and file members but to the voters. To our base voters, honestly, I don’t blame them because their leaders have done the exact same thing. That’s why it’s important for people to tell the truth.

Kevin McCarthy’s idea of caucus unity is that everyone supports the same lie. It is telling that McCarthy tried to show unity by a voice vote instead of allowing every member of his caucus to cast a ballot.

The ouster of Cheney had nothing to do with unity. It was a move to keep the former president happy. Kinzinger was right. A party can’t be unified if that unity is based on a lie. Republicans are lying to themselves, their supporters, and the nation as a whole, and that lie will eventually blow up in their faces.