Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Naming Portion of a Highway After Trump

Legislation naming a section of State Highway 287 from Oklahoma’s Boise City southeast to the OklahomaTexas border as “President Donald J. Trump Highway” will go into effect on November 1 after the state’s governor, Kevin Stitt (R) signed a new bill into law.

Republican legislators slipped the Trump highway proposal into the Oklahoma Legislature’s annual omnibus bridge-and-highway-naming bill, which is typically uncontroversial,” The Oklahoman reported

The legislation had been briefly derailed after lawmakers protested the removal of a previous provision that required a person be deceased for three years before a portion of the highway can be named after them.

New signage will be paid for by the state Senate and House officials who co-sponsored the measure: “The cost associated with signage related to Section 4 of this act shall be paid by the Senate and House of Representatives authors and coauthors of this act,” the bill reads. 

You can read the full language of the bill HERE.