Rachel Maddow Tells AG Garland That The DOJ Is A Crime Scene

Rachel Maddow told AG Garland to wake up because the country needs he and other Biden appointees to fix the Justice Department.


Maddow said:

Expect this to get worse, before it gets better. It is clear that the Justice Department, under President Biden, does not want the job of investigating and rooting around what went rotten inside their own department under the previous president. But even if they don’t want that job, that is the job they have, now. The stakes of them getting that job done get higher, with each, new revelation about what else happened there under Jeff Sessions and under William Barr, in particular.

I think that President Biden — just my, personal opinion. I think President Biden put really high-quality, good people at the Justice Department. His appointees there, thus far, have been excellent choices. Really good people, with great experience and, presumably, great intentions. But wake up, you guys. You’re going to work every day at an active-crime scene. And there’s no other cops to call here. You have to fix this. You’re the only ones who can. The country needs you to do this.

No administration ever wants to go back and dig through the muck of their predecessors. Time flies by in presidential administrations and each new administration has their own policy goals.

However, the Justice Department has been and is still being corrupted. For the sake of good government and law and order, this is a crisis that must be resolved.

There are no other cops to do this job. Merrick Garland is a patriot, and he has to do the right thing for the country by cleaning out the Trumpers from the DOJ.