Comcast Refuses To Air New Lincoln Project Ad On Fox News Killing Americans

Comcast is helping Fox News kill Americans with anti-vaccination propaganda by refusing to air a  new ad from The Lincoln Project.

New Lincoln Project Ad Says Fox News Is Killing Us

Here is the Lincoln Project ad:

“Rupert Murdoch’s network has become the leading voice in the United States against COVID-19 vaccination,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA. “At a time in which the deadly Delta variant is ravaging unvaccinated communities across the country, night after night, Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson are delivering anti-vaccine propaganda. Does anyone really believe Tucker Carlson isn’t vaccinated?

Wilson continued, “The science is clear: Not only are vaccines safe and effective, they pose significantly less risk to your health than contracting COVID-19. Fox News has blood on its hands.”

Comcast Refused To Air The Ad Criticizing Fox News

Comcast refused to air The Lincoln Project ad because, “An advertisement may be rejected if it is merely an attack of a personal nature, a direct attack on an individual business or comment on a private dispute. Advertisements may be accepted if the attack is on a business that is in the public forum or the issue is one of public concern.”

Fox News is killing Americans with vaccine misinformation. That meets the threshold of a matter of public concern.

Comcast is one of the major drivers of revenue for Fox News due to the carriage fees that Comcast customers pay Fox News.

Comcast Chooses To Help Fox News Kill Americans

By not airing the ad, Comcast is an accessory to Fox News’s borderline criminal behavior. The months of “we are all in this together” PSAs have given way to corporations helping Fox News send people to their graves with propaganda and misinformation.

Every American needs to keep up the fight because when Fox News lies, people die.