Speaker Pelosi Blows Up Kevin McCarthy’s 1/6 Committee Sabotage By Adding Adam Kinzinger

Speaker Pelosi answered Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy‘s 1/6 sabotage by adding Republican Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) to the committee.

Speaker Pelosi Announced Her Intention To Add Adam Kinzinger To The 1/6 Committee


Pelosi said on ABC’s This Week that she is planning on appointing Kinzinger, and, “He and other Republicans have expressed an interest to serve on the select committee and I wanted to appoint three of the members that leader McCarthy suggested, but he withdrew their names. The two that I would not appoint are people who would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. There’s no way I would tolerate their antics as we seek the truth.”

The Speaker later called out Republicans for not being able to handle the truth about 1/6, “ The Republicans will say what they will say. Our select committee will seek the truth. It’s our patriotic duty to do so. We don’t come into our work worried about what the other side who has been afraid of this — maybe the Republicans can’t handle the truth, but we have a responsibility to seek it, to find it and in a way that retains the confidence of the American people.”

Kevin McCarthy thought that he could pull all of selections from the committee, but it backfired.

McCarthy thought that he could pull all of his picks from the committee unless he got the two Trumpers what he wanted and make the entire investigation look partisan, but Speaker Pelosi was already ahead of him.

The addition of Kinzinger is not surprising, the Speaker wasn’t kidding when she said that more Republicans want to serve on the committee.

Speaker Pelosi could appoint multiple additional Republicans to the investigation and wreck Kevin McCarthy’s plan to discredit it.

Instead of derailing the investigation, Kevin McCarthy opened the door to Pelosi appointing serious Republicans who will get to the truth of 1/6 without being partisan.

Kevin McCarthy’s plan has completely failed.