Rural Republicans Destroy Themselves By Opposing Expanded Child Tax Credit

A new study reveals that rural red states would benefit most from extending the child tax credit through 2025, but Republicans oppose it.

Study Finds That Extending The Expanded Child Tax Credit Helps Poor Rural Americans The Most


A study of extending the expanded child tax credit by the Niskanen Center found:

  • Across the next 12 months, we estimate that the CTC expansion will boost consumer spending by $27 billion, generate $1.9 billion in revenues from state and local sales taxes, and support over 500,000 thousand full time jobs at the median wage.

  • More populous states will, by nature, see a larger total benefit from the CTC expansion. However, in relative terms, the CTC expansion provides larger benefits to states with lower average incomes and larger average family sizes, helping support access to community-based child care.

In particular, rural regions stand to benefit from a substantial injection of relative purchasing power equivalent to 1.35% of non-metro GDP.

9 Of The States That Would Benefit The Most Are Red States

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post wrote a great piece about how Republicans are scamming rural voters.

He also tweeted out the list of the ten states that would benefit most from the child tax credit plan. Nine of them are Republican:

Rural Republicans Choose Economic Destruction Over Supporting A Democratic Policy

Rural Republican voters will never vote in their economic self-interest. Many liberals and progressives, most recently Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate, believed the fallacy that they could get the support of rural voters who vote Republicans if they could only get them to understand the benefits of their policies.

It will never happen because their party has sold rural Republicans a culture war. It is the godless cities versus the beautiful American countryside that lives the way God and the Founding Fathers intended.

Rural America is economically destroying itself by fighting a mythical urban/rural culture war, so when Democrats propose a policy that would help them, rural Republicans say no.