GOP Plot To Blame Biden For COVID Flops As POTUS Approval Is 58%

A new Marquette Law School Poll found that President Biden has a 58% job approval rating as the GOP surge in COVID is being blamed on him.

President Biden’s Job Approval Remains Strong

Via: The Marquette Law School Poll

 A Marquette University Law School poll of adults nationwide finds 60% saying they approve of the way the U.S. Supreme Court is handling its job, while 39% disapprove and 1% do not offer an opinion. By comparison, in the same national poll, 58% approve of the way President Joe Biden is handling his job as president, while 42% disapprove. The U.S. Congress fares worst of the three branches, as 33% among the public approve and 66% disapprove of how Congress is performing its duties.

Over the past year, approval of the Court has declined six points, from 66% in September 2020. Disapproval rose a corresponding amount, from 33% to 39%. Asked which branch of the federal government they trust most, 58% of respondents say they trust the Court most of the three branches, with 28% saying they trust the presidency most and 13% saying they trust Congress the most. In the 2020 national Marquette Law School Poll, 59% said they trusted the Court most, with the presidency at 24% and Congress at 16%.

The Republican Plan To Use COVID Surge To Hurt Biden Politically Is Failing

Fox News and the Republican Party have been increasingly trying to blame Biden for the return of mask guidance and other elements of the pandemic that are being fueled by the refusal of Republicans, specifically Trump supporters, to get vaccinated.

The American people aren’t falling for it. The White House has driven the message that the surge in COVID is being fueled by Republicans not getting vaccinated. The press has been clear on who is responsible for the rising cases, and the Republican efforts to blame Biden for the pandemic that they refuse to take measures to mitigate in their states is failing.

Republicans are resisting mask mandates and vaccinations because they are still running the Trump playbook of pandemic denial for political gain.

Americans are growing increasingly angry and frustrated with the unvaccinated, and it is Republicans, not President Biden, who have made themselves the target of their wrath.

The usual tactics that Republicans have used to weaken a Democrat’s approval are so far not working against President Biden.