Florida Republicans To Give Kids Private School Vouchers If They Feel Bullied By Wearing A Mask

Florida Republicans have approved private school vouchers for parents and kids who say that they feel bullied by wearing a mask.

The AP reported:

Florida Republicans Are Using The COVID That They Are Spreading To Weaken Public Schools.

The claim that a student can feel bullied by an inanimate object is ridiculous, but it does provide Republicans in Florida with a fresh inroad for attacking public schools.

The scheme is diabolical. Florida Republicans, led by Gov. Ron DeSantis, ban schools from imposing mask mandates and then give state money to students under the pretense of “bullying” to get them enrolled in private schools.

The Republican plan is an attack on public education disguised as an anti-bullying measure.

Republicans are not only turning public schools into COVID super spread centers, but they are also trying to weaken the schools by encouraging students to leave under false pretenses.

There really is no such thing as too low for Florida Republicans.