Nicolle Wallace Shatters Republicans Dreams: The Majority Of Americans Support Biden On Afghanistan

Nicolle Wallace got straight to the heart of the political reality that the vast majority of Americans support Biden on Afghanistan.


Wallace said on her MSNBC program Deadline: White House, “But I would say to Republicans who are on TV arguing for a force to have stayed behind, that wasn’t on the menu. Not for this president and not for the last president. So I think what this president did was walk into that room, speak to something that he really does have the support of the vast majority of Americans on, and make clear that this was put in motion because this country is not going to fight for a country that won’t fight for itself. “

The American people have wanted out of Afghanistan for more than a decade, so Biden does have the popular argument on his side. If Republicans are going to argue that Afghanistan is a failure, then they have to defend leaving troops in the country, which is something that the American people absolutely do not want.

The media has no interest in foreign policy, so in a few days, their breaking news breathless grab for ratings during the slow August news month will fade.

In the long run, President Biden is doing what the vast majority of Americans want, and Nicolle Wallace shattered the GOP’s dreams with a dose of real-world political reality.